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Episode 132 | Pushing Boundaries with Confidence: Joel Olivas, mixtamotus

Joel Olivas, co-founder of mixtamotus, and an immersive multimedia producer and designer who has worked with ARTECHOUSE, Sweet Tooth Hotel, and Meow Wolf among others, joins Martheya to talk about Boundary Pushing with Confidence. They discuss differences when working with big vs. small organizations, immersive installations, and how the audience influences Joel’s creative process. (35:35)


[0:12] Martheya says welcome back 


[0:52] Topic: Getting to kNOw Joel Olivas

  • [1:03] Martheya asks: “Can you briefly introduce yourself and talk about your relationship with interactive media?”

[2:51] Topic: Working with Big vs. Small Organizations

  • [2:51] Martheya asks: “Can you talk about your role with maybe one of your favorite organizations that you've worked with? What would be similar working with maybe a smaller budget organization to then a larger budget organization?”

  • [8:12] Martheya asks: “what do you think are the components of a successful immersive installation?”

  • [11:03] Martheya asks: “How are you thinking about the audience or the participants when you're creating? 

[19:34] Topic: Pushing Boundaries

  • [19:34] Martheya asks: “I wonder what boundaries do you think need to be pushed when it comes to art making in the interactive media space?”

  • [28:43] Martheya asks: “Can talk about your new venture amused?”

  • [32:11] Martheya asks: “How do you say no to the box?”

[32:47] Martheya asks:  

1- If you had to recommend a resource to our audience what would it be?

  • YouTube

[32:54] Martheya asks:  

2- What was the first dance you saw?

  • Highschool Talent Show

[33:05] Martheya asks:  

3- Do you think social media has a positive influence on the dance world (yes or no)? 

  • No

[33:18] Martheya asks:  

4- What is your favorite social media platform?

  • Instagram

Recommended Resources:

Connect with Joel Olivas & mixtamotus


Joel Olivas (he/him) is an interactive multimedia designer from El Paso, Texas. His passion for technology and music has led him into a creative niche in the performing arts. He serves as the bridge between the technical and the creative components of the projects that he is brought on board with. As a projectionist, technician, and designer he thrives in corporate events, concerts, and interactive installations. He works for top venues in Dallas and across the United States including The Dallas Omni Hotel, Gilley’s Dallas, The Bomb Factory, ARTECHOUSE, Sweet Tooth Hotel, Meow Wolf, and other independent organizations. His visual work has been exhibited at festivals in Texas including; SOLUNA Festival, Oaktopia, SXSW, and Aurora Light & Sound Biennial. He is a recipient of the TACA New Works Grant with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. He holds a B.A.S. in Digital Signal Processing and Music from the University of North Texas.

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