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HIC ET NUNC by Emma Cianchi

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2019

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

HIC ET NUNC by Emma Cianchi


Naples, Italy

HIC ET NUNC a latin phrase translating to Here and Now. The dance film explores this phrase with a focus on the present as the only dimension in which one really lives.

Interview about HIC ET NUNC on Dance Behind the Screen Podcast

Her film hic et nunc “here and now”was premiered at the knowbox dance film festival and was awarded as the audience favorite. She studies Nikolais technique at Dance-Dance in Naples where she graduates in Choreography, Nikolais technique and improvisation technique.

She also studies in “Dance Florence” and in “Imago Lab of Florence”.

She specializes in foreign countries: France – Holand – Austria.

She specializes in modern and contemporary technique too with Susanne

Linke - Domenique Mercier - Murray Louis - JeanYves Ginoux - Frey Faust -

Nina Dipla - David Zambrano - Tery Weikel – Ivan Wolfhe - Susan Sentler -

Richard Haisma - Beatrice Libonati - Antonella Bertoni - Michele Abbondanza

- Simona Bucci - Fabrizio Monteverde - Charlotta Öfverholm - German

JaureguiI and others of the international dance scene.

During her formation she gets passionate about dance video courses,