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Occurence (덩어리)

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022

Official Selection Film Spotlight


00:09:05 / Seoul, Korea

'Occurence' is a short film that combines dance theater and art film. It is a work containing the message of 'affirmation of the various beings in one (me)' by using video as a frame to contain dance and music.

How do you think your film relates to the NBFF 2022 Theme 'Dancing Around the World'?

Occurence is a video that captures the message of 'the affirmation of various beings in one' in the process of 'the birth of a lump, the emission and extinction of energy'. I think that the mass that started with my exploration of the inner world can become a catalyst for the audience to fall into the inner world of each audience, depending on what kind of immersion they see the experience. In the process of observing the creation and disappearance of a mass, it can be said that the mass is meaningful as it gives the viewer an experience to be immersed in the inner world of each audience, and opens the way for exploration inward rather than outward.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

While experiencing the process of birth and death of life called 'occurence', you may feel differently, but I hope that it will eventually lead to the exploration of each individual's inner world.

Director : Jeon sehoon

Assistant director : Lim sooah

Director of Choreography(Choreographer) : Lim heejong

Assistant Choreography : Ham chorom Music : Kim hamin, Han jungwon

D.O.P : Jeon sehoon

1st : Song gunho

2nd : Kim nahyeong

3rd : Choi hojin

Gaffer : Jang hyejin bestboy : Ko yewon, Han seunghoon,Lim ye-eun

Art director : Si seunghyun Custume : Jo heungpyo

Special makeup : Yoon so-un, Jang yunji

Art team : Lee subin, Lee jiyoon

Producer : Lee eunsong, Yoon juin

Scripter : Lee sooha

Directing team : Kim yeongyeon,Bok yebin,Oh yeon,Hong mina, Choi hyejin,Sung yerin

Edit : Jeon sehoon

Title design : Kim hanbin

Ending credit design : Lee jieun

Product design : Park sunghyun,Lim seunghee

2/3D VFX : Jeon sehoon

2021 국민대학교 영상디자인 학사 졸업

2022 Indie Short Festival-Award Winner 2022 Independent Shorts Awards-Award Winner

2022 Prague International Indie Film Festival -Semi Finalist



IG: @22_ban

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