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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022

Official Selection Film Spotlight


00:08:12 / Kibbutz Ga'aton, Israel

“PALACE” is an abstract take on partnership and empathy that exposes a couple as they continuously travel between each other's "mental palaces”, revealing a world in which two emotional beings simultaneously intertwine and collide.

How do you think your film relates to the NBFF 2022 Theme 'Dancing Around the World'?

The result of our process is the combined effort of all those involved and was truly an international production, involving us as an American/ Russian choreographic team in collaboration with our director, producer and production team from Israel.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

We wish to bring attention to the importance of taking care of one’s inner world. With the aim to warp the familiar and embody the imagined, we hope to create an experience for the viewer that leads to questions and fresh perspectives.

Megan Doheny (USA) and Ilya Nikurov (RUS) met working as dancers for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) in Israel, and have been creating dance works together since 2015. From 2016-2020, they worked as choreographers for the “International Dance Journey” program, in Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel and created works for KCDC’s main company as a part of the Alternative Stage Platform. In 2021, they established their dance project and creative outlet called <Outrun The Bear>. They have been invited to perform and screen their works in festivals and competitions throughout Europe, the United States, Israel, and South Korea.

Director: Omer Ben-David

Choreographers & Dancers: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

Original Music & Sound Design: Dylan Tedaldi

Producer: Emil Bader

Director of Photography: Omri Barzilai



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