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NBFF 2023 Programs

Festival schedule and tickets.

NBFF 2023

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Photos courtesy of kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023 "Dancing the Fine Print". 

NBFF 2023 Official Selction

Official Selction

Reviewing over 150 submissions from 36 different countries, the NBFF jury panel curated the NBFF Official Selection by selecting films that explore an innovative approach to collaboration, mixed media, and interdisciplinary filmmaking. The selected films demonstrate unique approaches to challenging the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. The official kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023 selection features 18 dance films by both national and international filmmakers.

Click the images below to access film spotlights. 

NBFF 2023 Open Call

​Submitting Your Project to the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023.

Open Call

If your work is selected as an NBFF Official Selection your film will travel to in-person screenings throughout Mexico, South Korea, and The United States of America.

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Short Series
A short film is a dance-related film under 3 minutes.

General Submissions
A dance film 3-15 minutes. 

Dance Documentaries
A dance-related documentary film 1-60 minutes.

1-10 minutes in length.

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Promise Me You_ll Sing My Song Photo1.jpg

Photos courtesy of kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022 "Toporzeł" by Iwona Pasińska, "Fresh Oranges Into the Ocean" by Silvia Giordano and Simona De Simone, and "Promise Me You'll Sing My Song" Adam W. McKinney, The Digibess, and Bruce Wood Dance,

2023 THEME


kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023: Dances of the Past, Present, and Future

Festival tickets and more information coming soon! 


NBFF 2023 Guest Jury Panel

Jury 2023


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Dallas, Texas, USA
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Ok Hee Jeong

Seoul, South Korea
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César Brodermann

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Mexico City, Mexico

Bart Weiss

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Dallas, Texas, USA
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Yeong Chan LEE

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Seoul, South Korea
Ximena Monroy Rocha.png

Ximena Monroy Rocha

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Oaxaca, Mexico


In its 5th year as an independent international film festival, the mission for the NBFF is to curate dance films that explore an innovative approach to “challenging the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form”.


NBFF introduces various trends in dance films and emerging dance film directors as well. The NBFF explores the diversity of dance creation, distribution, and archiving through the meeting of dance and film (dance film). NBFF encourages various interpretations of dance films including but not limited to: shorts (3 minutes or less) narrative, fiction, experimental, animation, multicultural, multi-genre, and historical documentary films. Additionally, NBFF screens selected films from Dallas, Texas, USA; Korea; and Mexico (countries with live NBFF events) via invitation in order to share works related to current social and political issues.


The festival is an international festival that is held simultaneously in Mexico, South Korea, The United States of America, and online to create a venue for various cultural exchanges.

The kNOwBOX dance organization is dedicated to creating a more equitable and inclusive dance field for all by fostering trans-geographical networking, highlighting diverse and underrepresented voices (e.g. black, indigenous, people of color, and women). NBFF contributes greatly to the growth and development of the field of dance and film. Beyond the screening of local, national, and international films NBFF offers guest visits and talks, dance workshops, networking events, and a virtual fest–which includes online dance related workshops–in order to expand the future of dance through various practices and aesthetic explorations. The NB team believes experiencing art–and more specifically experiencing art via dance and film–creates opportunities for understanding other perspectives.

In this day and age, it is imperative to address the topic of equality in dance in the digital space as it is both relevant and a pressing issue in the current social and political climate. The digital space is charged with a multitude of positive and negative forces including political and monetary power, media prowess, misinformation, matters of accessibility, collaboration, tools and platforms for artistic creation, sharing, networking, sexism, racism, cultural appropriation, and misrepresentation. NB finds it important to acknowledge concepts of power, access, inclusion, and race in order to not reinforce some of the same structures of oppression (i.e. the male gaze, objectification of womxn/womyn, ableism, the primitivism of people of color, etc.); thus writing a more equitable future history.

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