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MARTHEYA dives in deep with guests, mining for practical advice & resources.

There are kNOw limits on her follow up questions.


​YEAJEAN  investigates our guests varied viewpoints with a dry humor, lighthearted, & fun approach. 

There is kNOw shortage of wit in her conversations.


​AZARIA calmly choreographs conversations finding ways to challenge our guests. 

She kNOws how to get to the root of something... & quick..


REYNA comforts our guests providing an open space for unpacking ideas. 

You never kNOw what you’re gonna get. 


Daniel Rosas is a guitarist, music arranger, composer, and educator. He earned a Bachelor in Music from Universidad de las Américas Puebla. He is a member of the Contemporary Guitar Ensemble and the Applied Music team, whose aim is to enhance the human quality through music. Currently, Daniel is a guitar and music composition teacher at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla, and guitar player at the Dance Faculty at Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

DBS Team:

Martheya Nygaard – Host / Creator / Producer

YeaJean Choi – Host / Creator / Producer

Azaria Hogans – Host / Creator 

Reyna Mondragon – Host / Creator 
Daniel Rosas – Mix and Mastering Engineer

Da Bracamontes – Musical Contribution

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