kNOwBOX dance Team

Board of Directors


Martheya Nygaard – President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors / Managing Director 

YeaJean Choi – Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors / Programming Director 

Azaria Hogans – Board of Directors / Manager of Resources and Archives

Reyna Mondragon – Board of Directors / Manager of Development

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival Programming Team


Martheya Nygaard – Curator / USA Festival Operations / Marketing and Publicity

YeaJean Choi – Curator / International Festival Operations / NBFF On Tour Coordinator

Azaria Hogans – Curator / Documentaries Jury / NBFF On Tour Location Sponsor 

Reyna Mondragon – Curator / Short Series Jury / Short Series Coordinator / USA Festival Set-Up

NBFF 2020 

Roxana Barba – Short Series Jury 

André M. Zachery – Short Series Jury 

Antoine Panier – General Submissions Jury 

Jesús-Mario Lozano – Documentaries Jury 

Short Series 2020 

Joy Marie Thompson – Jury 

NBFF 2019 

Jordan Fuchs – Jury 

Tomer Zirkilevich – Jury

Dance Behind the Screen Podcast Production Team


Martheya Nygaard – Host / Creator / Producer

YeaJean Choi – Host / Creator / Producer

Azaria Hogans – Host / Creator 

Reyna Mondragon – Host / Creator 
Daniel Rosas – Mix and Mastering Engineer

Da Bracamontes – Musical Contribution

Additional Support and Volunteers


Arturo Wilber Mendoza Chavez – Ambassador 

Lucas Reader – Ambassador 

Pepe Valdez – Ambassador 

Joel Olivas – Technical Support

Corey Haynes – Event Photographer 

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