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71 | #ChastaHamilton - Stage Door Dance Productions

On our second episode of ‘dance organizations’ month, your co-hosts Martheya and Azaria interview owner and artistic director of Stage Door Dance Productions, Chasta Hamilton. In this episode, we go behind the screen and talk about her Amazon #1 Best Selling book ‘Trash the Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul’, Girls Geared For Greatness a Non-Profit Organization, unhealthy perceptions of winning in the dance world, and business leadership advice for those interested in an entrepreneurial approach to dance and creativity.


[0:28] Azaria and Martheya introduce Chasta Hamilton


[2:54] Martheya asks: “For our audience who hasn’t yet read your book “Trash the Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul” can you talk about your roles as a dancer, teacher, studio owner and what led you to want to write your book?”

[5:02] Azaria asks: “It was so well written and I feel like I know you. It was so relatable and for me I never grew up in the competition dance world...hearing from this perspective was enlightening for me.”

[6:25] Azaria asks: “You ‘Many justify dance competitions as a necessary preparatory step toward working in the entertainment industry. The trophies don’t prepare us for the reality of the entertainment industry; instead, they give us a false sense of accomplishment that isn’t rooted in reality.’ What do you say to the parents and students who may be addicted to the trophies and don’t see/understand the point you made about the reality of preparation for the field of dance?”

[8:41] Martheya asks: “Can you talk about how you are navigating social media and how you talk to your students and people you mentor?”

[10:35] Martheya asks: “What does it look like when you are talking with your students?”

[14:12] Azaria asks: “Is this reward system verbal?”

[16:22] Azaria asks: “Could you talk about Girls Geared For Greatness, how it came out of your shift from competitive dance, and how that organization is doing today?”

[19:45] Martheya asks: “As a founder, can you talk about what advice you would have given yourself as a leader?”

[21:20] Martheya asks: “How do you know the difference between leaning into rest and moments of pause but also keeping the momentum to move forward?”

[24:10] Martheya asks: “How did you know you needed to take that step (get a leadership coach)?”

[25:18] Azaria asks: “Girls Geared For Greatness the organization is not dance specific?”

[26:15] Martheya a