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76 | Do You Know About Your Intellectual Property Rights in Dance?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hear from guests Shravani Deshmukh and Shweta Dharap as we dig into why all choreographers and dance makers should pursue intellectual property rights for their work. Co-hosts Martheya and Azaria seek step-by-step guidelines to learn how to protect their work. In this episode, we go behind the screen and talk about how social media fosters new connections, what IP is, and how to credit your sources. (1:05:29)


[0:51] The Team says welcome back!


[7:11] Topic: Social Media and Connecting Artist

  • [7:11] Martheya asks: “Why did you create the instagram @createandprotectip?”

  • [8:55] Azaria asks: “So you two haven’t met in person yet?”

[9:39] Topic: What is IP?

  • [9:39] Azaria asks: “Can you give us some background of what that [intellectual property rights] is for somebody who may have never heard of that, or at least heard of it for dance?

  • [11:09] Martheya asks: “Can you talk about how you both became interested in intellectual property? How did you both become so interested in this?”

  • [13:47] Martheya asks: “Why do you think the dance world has been behind when it comes to intellectual property?”

  • [17:34] Azaria asks: “Why is it [IP] important for the dancer and the dance world?”

  • [20:50] Martheya asks “Can you clarify how copyrights differ in different countries around the world.”

[24:00] Topic: IP Practicality for the Dancer

  • [24:00] Azaria inquires about money for large and small players.

  • [29:07] Azaria asks “Are you suggesting that dance has a model similar to music?”

  • [37:11] Azaria asks Shravani “How did your interest in dance and being a lawyer come together” and “Do you think there are any down sides with intellectual property rights in dance?”

  • [40:32] Martheya asks “Could you share with our listeners why it's important and what is the benefits of protecting yourself?”

  • [45:52] Martheya asks “Could you list more benefits?”

[48:18] Topic: Step by Step Guide to IP

  • [48:18] Martheya asks for the step by step guide of pursuing IP for a beginner.

  • [52:50] Azaria asks “Can copyright ever expire?”

  • [55:52] Azaria asks “How do you go about getting the rights to something that is very old?”


[58:55] Azaria asks:

1- If you had to recommend a resource to our audience what would it be?

  • Shweta: Listening to Dr. Lucie Clemens dance psychologist

  • Shravani: The World Intellectual Property Rights Organization

[1:00:12] Martheya asks:

2- What was the first dance you saw?

  • Shweta: Watching my sister and my mother dancing

  • Shravani: In a dance studio in India

[1:00:58] Azaria asks:

3- Do you think social media has a positive influence on the dance world (yes or no)?

  • Shweta: Yes

  • Shravani: Mostly yes, a combination of both

[1:01:20] Martheya asks:

4- What is your favorite social media platform?

  • Shweta: Instagram

  • Shravani: Instagram

Recommended Resources:

Connect with Shweta Dharap & Shravani Deshmukh


Instagram- @shravanid @shwetaukidave @createandprotectip

Twitter- @ShravaniAD


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