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Absent Presence

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023

Official Selection Film Spotlight

Absent Presence

00:01:09 / Genova, Italy

A surreal journey of an incomplete body in an attempt to find itself in the spaces of an empty house.

How do you think your film relates to the NBFF 2023 Theme 'Dances of Past, Present, and Future'?

Absent Presence is my first dance short film as a director, a surreal journey of an incomplete body in an empty house. It's a no budget project shot in my house that was born from a series of self portraits that i took in lockdown. Interested in the relationship between body and camera, I wanted to investigate the movement in a new way, especially on yhe hands intention and the rhythm between body movements and the environment.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

My aim is to convey to the viewer a new vision of movement and highlight how even a small portion of the body can express our inner states.

Artist, performer and graphic designer, Giorgia is trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa with a thesis on the relationship between performer and spectator: a project that will be selected among the finalists of the international screendance festival Fuori Formato 2021. She is currently involved as an interpreter in GOCCE - Ritual of community of Federica Loredan, performance that blends different artistic languages such as urban dance and body music.

Director, Choreographer and Performer: Giorgia Ponticello

Cinematographer: Jody Hinterleitner

Sound designer: Simone Meneghelli



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