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Creative Process Resource List Jan 2020

Resource: Making Solo Performance

Creator:Misri Dey

Description: In interviews with Misri Dey, six recognised solo performers working across a range of performance genres – including theatre, dance, live and performance art, site-specific performance, music video and film – provide insightful and practical strategies for creative making and performing processes.

Resource: How to Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole: (Guides for Creative Industries)

Creator: Paul Woods

Description: Packed with anecdotes, self-analysis flowcharts (are YOU the asshole?!), exercises and action plans for better working practices.

Resource: The Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Creator: Andy J. Miller

Description: The Creative Pep Talk Podcast is designed to help you make a good living, making great art.

Resource: NACHMO

Description: Your choreographic kick in the pants!

Creator: NACHMO


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