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Dance Film Resource List Nov 2019



Description: On this page, you can find international films that shows the diverse relationships between dance and the moving image.

Resource: Digital Media, Projection Design, and Technology for Theatre

Creator: Alex Oliszewski , Daniel Fine , Daniel Roth

Description: What does a digital media/projection designer do and what is their creative process? This book illustrates the practical and theoretical approaches’ of digital media and projection in live performance. This book provides the current technologies and technique standards and expectations for digital media/projection design. You can find the information about rehearsing with digital media, working with actors and directors, lighting, set, sound, costumes and props etc.

Resource: Dance Films Association

Creator: Dance Films Association

Description: On this website, you can find screenings/events of dance film festivals, career development information for dance film artists, how to raise money for your project, connect to the global dance film community through membership, and ways of fostering dance films for new audience.

Resource: Making Video Dance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dance for the Screen

Creator: Katrina McPherson

Description: This book is an overview of the video dance process. In this book you fill find a step-by-step guide for storyboard creation, writing about the filming location, camera/ mobile usage for filming, choreographing for the screen, post production preparation, shooting and editing. You can find the technical and creative point of view of the video dance-making process. ​

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