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Disembody Inaudible Unusual: Our scenic art

Created by Valentina Rentería Coronado (Verá Art Co)

November 3, 2021, Mexico

As director and creative of this project, I can tell you that Disembody Inaudible Unusual is a stage work of contemporary dance, divided into three sections whose central axis is "masculinity", that concept understood as something variable, which can mutate and be understood from individual and collective levels and from various socio-cultural contexts.

It is essential to mention that this work was developed around the life and thought of the interpreter, Eder Arrasquito Barrios. It was important to create a work and an experience from the understanding and personal development of the artist; in order to thus create an honest performance and work.

The Movement

Something that is very characteristic of the work is hybridization, a characteristic that we usually recognize in contemporary art. We no longer see technique, disciplines or other areas as closed systems, but we use knowledge and / or notions of different areas, to achieve a common goal, in order to intersect processes. In this case, break dance, modern dance, capoeira, tricking, jazz dance, performance, music, improvisation, design, lighting, color and many other components integrate this work.

The creative process was completely related to dramaturgical work. As before mentioned, the work is divided into three sections, each one of them has different concepts and environments, which I intend to share with you.