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Earth Day 2021: How To Repurpose Everyday Items and Choreography

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Created by Martheya Nygaard (kNOwBOX dance Co-Creator & Managing Director)

April 21, 2021, Dallas, Texas, USA

In September 2020, YeaJean Choi and I recorded a podcast interview with Jonathan Burrows to talk about why and how he created A Choreographer’s Handbook. As you might have heard in the episode (listen if you haven’t already) I have been a huge fan of Jonathan Burrows and have overly flagged and highlighted the handbook. As I prepared a small offering for the annual celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to share ways to creatively approach what it means to repurpose. Our conversation with Burrows and his book came to mind. Both Burrows and the handbook explore notions of self at the foreground of creativity, inventiveness, and imagination.

Top Left to Right: Martheya Nygaard, YeaJean Choi, Bottom: Jonathan Burrows

Repurpose : to give a new purpose or use to