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Episode 91 | Breaking the Mold of Categorization w/ Yoshiko Chuma

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

On this episode, Dance Behind the Screen podcast co-host YeaJean Choi interviews artistic director Yoshiko Chuma. They discuss how to “Say No to the Box” and break the confines of categorization. Yoshiko also talks about her experience during Covid-19 and making connections with others. Enjoy this episode! (53:14)


[0:48] The Team says welcome back and introduces Yoshiko Chuma. Yoshiko is the artistic director of The School of Hard Knocks in New York City. The team tells us about Yoshiko and the amazing topics discussed during this episode.

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[2:54] Topic: An Identity that Can’t Be Put in a Box

  • [2:54] YeaJean asks: “Can explain what this ‘different’ [being different from the others] mean, and how it affected your artistic voice?”

  • [10:21] YeaJean asks: “I wonder how you describe yourself without categorizing one or the other?”

  • [25:43] YeaJean asks for clarification on how many company works have been commissioned from Yoshiko.

  • [28:00] Yoshiko discusses the impact of Covid-19.

[39:16] Topic: Breaking Stereotypes - Player vs. Observer

  • [39:16] YeaJean asks: “How do you say NO to the BOX?”

[47:25] YeaJean asks:

1- If you had to recommend a resource to our audience what would it be?

  • Person to person communication

[48:25] YeaJean asks:

2- What was the first dance you saw?

  • 1976 Gathering Workshop

[1:03:24] YeaJean asks:

3- Do you think social media has a positive influence on the dance world (yes or no)?

  • Yes

[55:46] YeaJean asks:

4- What is your favorite social media platform?

  • Tik Tok, YouTube

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