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Episode 92 | Dance Curriculum in High School Public Education w/ Daniel Negrete & Devondria Douglas

On this episode, Dance Behind the Screen podcast co-hosts Azaria and Reyna interview Daniel Negrete and Devondria Douglas. They discuss their backgrounds in cultural and codified dance communities, the new innovative course they developed - Dance Appreciation: African American and Mexican Folkloric Studies, the process of getting approval by TEA for the entire state of Texas, and how social media is influencing the dance world. Enjoy this episode! (48:46)


[0:58] The Team says welcome back and introduces Daniel Negrete and Devondria Douglas. The team tells us about Daniel and Devondria and the dance appreciation-related topics discussed during this episode.


[4:24] Topic: Dance Beginnings

  • [4:24] Reyna asks: “Tell us about your dance education growing up. Did you see your culture reflected in your dance studies classes in high school?”

  • [8:29] Reyna asks: “How did you both meet?”

[9:33] Topic: Dance Appreciation with a Cultural Perspective

  • [9:33] Azaria asks: “Can you talk about how your group came together? Why did you decide to tackle dance appreciation from this cultural perspective?”

  • [13:46] Azaria asks: “Daniel can you talk about how you got involved in this process?”

  • [15:38] Azaria asks: “Can I get you to define TEKS for our listeners?”

  • [16:30] Reyna asks: “What did this mean to you? Being able to make this happen?”

  • [19:57] Azaria asks: “Are you hoping that other states will adopt this? How do you hope to inspire other states in their dance curriculum?”

  • [24:15] Azaria asks: “Have y’all had any push back when it comes to making this course?”

[26:49] Topic: Cultural Similarities and Differences

  • [26:49] Reyna asks: “How do you think this class affects your students? How have your African American students responded? Hispanic Students? White and Asian Students?”

  • [33:00] Azaria states her excitement on the correlation between Black and Latin dance cultures.

  • [34:19] Re