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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022

Official Selection Film Spotlight


00:29:03 / France

Contemporary dancer and choreographer Marine Chesnais situates her otherworldly performances underwater with no breathing apparatus. In preparation for a new work, she travels to Réunion Island to dive with migrating humpback whales. The experience forever changes her perspective on life and nature.

After ten years working in the audiovisual industry, directing several documentaries and short films, Vincent Bruno decided in 2013 to undertake new professional adventures, which took him away from the cinema and his country for a while. He was a freediving instructor in Bali and then created a brand of natural perfumes in Dubai. Back in Europe in 2019, he decided to return to documentary film.

Marine Chesnais is a choreographer and performer, born on May 1st 1988. Passionate about freediving, the exploration of internal fluidity and energetic practices around breath and resonance are at the heart of her creative research. Within the company ONE BREATH, she develops the notion of bio-inspired dance.

Director : Vincent Bruno

Choreographer & Dancer : Marine Chesnais