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Making Men by Antoine Panier

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2019

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

Making Men by Antoine Panier


Brussels, Belgium

Making Men examines the question of masculinity. It zooms in on 4 individuals in the

process of becoming men. As is expected, they proceed unquestioningly into manhood through

various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics allowed by society.

Interview about Making Men on Dance Behind the Screen Podcast

After fifteen years as a contemporary dancer, Antoine Panier redirects his professional activity to film and video carrying out projects in various fields such as corporate films, trailers for dance and theatre, motion design... Through his training and experience in dance, he develops a particular camera work which is based on the relationship between the lens and the choreography. The image is often intrusive and intimate, leaving no room for modesty of emotions. In 2018 he co-writes and directs the multi award-winning film “Making Men”, screened in more than 50 film festivals around the world.






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