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Piazza Marina 51

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023

Official Selection Film Spotlight

Piazza Marina 51

Piazza Marina 51 / Texas & Korean Premiere / Italy / 23:10

Piazza Marina 51 portrays the intimacy of a couple in their home, an apartment in shape of an infinite circle which will host daily dances, stolen gazes, broken gestures and the complexity of two bodies eternally seeking for balance.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

We hope that this short movie can enlighten the daily dances that take place in random places, in people's homes, when very often, no one notices them. In that way, we hope that this work can touch people and encourage them to see their own dances in their daily lives. We also hope to communicate emotion, to whoever has lived, in real life or in imaginary life, a relationship that has deeply transformed his/her being. We believe it is the case of every single person on earth.

Zoé and Lorenzo met in 2016 and started to create interdisciplinary work together, at the edge between dance, theater and circus. o

Directors and performers: Zoé Bernabéu and Lorenzo Covello

Producted by Cittadella dei Giovani and Muxarte/Pindoc

Shooting / cameraman : Francesco Murana

Editing : Luc Seugé

Music : Stefano Grasso



IG: @Bernabéu/Covello

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