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Sight of Hand by Mary Ellen Childs &Caitlin Hammel

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

Sight of Hand by Mary Ellen Childs & Caitlin Hammel


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Using fast paced editing and an exuberant aesthetic, “Sight of Hand” takes a piece of modern music inspired by baseball signals back to the ballpark where performers, players, and the crowd all join in for some postmodern performance art.

Mary Ellen Childs is a composer interested in all the senses: her works often speak to the ears and the eyes, sometimes even the nose. Her works range from solo accordion to opera, often including visual imagery or movement for performers. Her vibrant percussion ensemble CRASH embodies music in motion.

Caitlin Hammel is a filmmaker with a passion for making films about the arts and the beautiful, complex process of artistic creation. Primarily working in documentary, this collaboration with Mary Ellen Childs was an amazing opportunity to expand on the ways she can bring the vibrance of performance to film.



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