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Silk Paper and Bruises

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023

Official Selection Film Spotlight

Silk Paper and Bruises

00:02:55 / London, United Kingdom

In a colorful dressing room, Barbie doll bodies are put at stake - who cares anyway?

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

During the pandemic, the development of the film became a sanctuary where I could create movements without the limitations of space and explore how, through stop motion, I could make rooms/plastic bodies and objects dance. By collaborating across the boundaries of film, dance, scenography, and text, I found an interest in a poetic rhythm that led to the outcome. I wanted to portray challenging subjects without throwing them directly at my audience; instead, I worked with layers to create deeper traces for those who wish to delve into them. I hope to evoke emotions and initiate conversations about how women's bodies are represented in the dance industry, which still remains permeated by traditional stereotypes.

Gabriella Engdahl is a filmmaker, choreographer and dance theatre-maker who combines movements, text and design in a playful way. Through her practice, she is interested in character work, everyday movements and storytelling with a focus on social and economic injustices in relation to women / non-binary, as well as portraying nuanced women / non-binary in films and on stage. She is enthusiastic about working in a way where the forms and material used on stage and in films have equal value. Her vision is always to make films breaking traditional boundaries of dance, as well as to make the audience question what they see through witty aesthetics and relatable subjects.

Director/Choreography/Text/Costume/Set Design/Photography/Editing: Gabriella Engdahl Voice Actress: Ciara Amas Music: Maria Rojas Gomez

Model Making: Jida Akil

Coloring: Robin Berglund

Camera Assistant: Peter Lundhall Ortiz



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