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Site Dance Resource List Oct 2019

Resource: Global Water Dances

Creator: Global Water Dances

Description: They connect and support a global community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and international collaboration for water issues through the universal language of dance.

Resource: Scenography Expanded; An Introduction to Contemporary Performance Design

Creator: Joslin McKinney and Scott Palmer

Description: This book introduces contemporary performance design, both in and beyond the theatre. Learn why scenographic design has become a central consideration for performance makers today.

Resource: EVENT-SPACE; Theatre architecture and the historical avant-garde

Creator: Dorita Hannah

Description: In this book, you can find the evolution of stage space, the ideas of theatre architecture, a re-evaluation of the avant garde's non representational spaces, and architectural studies to establish a theory of performative architecture.

Resource: Eiko and Koma Website

Creator: Eiko and Koma

Description: On this website, you can find Eiko and Koma´s bios, performance schedules, more than 200 videos of their duet projects, and workshop information. You can also find how Eiko has been creating works that aim to investigate the relationship of a fragile human body and the myriad intrinsic traits that are contained by a specific place.

Resource: Making Site-Specific Theatre and Performance A Handbook

Creator: Phil Simpson

Description: What is site-specific performance? How can one find site aesthetics and generate performance? This book introduces the diverse ways of approaching site specific creation process, movement generation with site, examples of interdisciplinary and international performances of site, and the reasons artists make site-specific performance.

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