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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

ÌBÀ OBÍNRIN by Tamara Williams (Director) Marlon Morrison (Cinematographer)


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

ÌBÀ OBÍNRIN is an investigation of the influences of ritual, nature and place in Black women’s traditional practices to care for the community.

Tamara Williams - Assistant Professor, UNCC, earned her MFA from Hollins University. Her choreography has been presented internationally in Serbia, Switzerland, Trinidad, Jamaica, Mexico, and Brazil. Moving Spirits, Inc., is Williams’ contemporary arts organization dedicated to performing, researching, documenting, and producing African Diaspora arts. Williams’ scholarly work includes: Giving Life to Movement: The Silvestre Dance Technique, "Reviving Culture Through Ring Shout" published in The Dancer-Citizen, and The African Diaspora and Civic Responsibility (forthcoming).



NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program A

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