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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

BIRDS by John Degois



On a melancholic background, Birds evokes a time when the question of freedom did not arise.

John Degois is a choreographer and dancer from the hip-hop world. His life has been spent between boards and dance studios. For several years - in parallel with his company's projects - he has been collaborating with many directors from different backgrounds to create short dance films together. It was first with Dominique Palombo that he set foot in the stirrup. Then he meets B. Vacarisas and Thomas Siemieniec with whom they co-founded the collective D.P.M (Dance Per Minute). With them the project of short dance films goes further to take the form of what he calls "Vignettes Choreographic ”. One of their Tango under the table productions earned him a nomination for World Of Dance in the “Best International Choreographer” category. So far, all of these projects he signs as a dancer and / or choreographer and / or author.



NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program C

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