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18 | #JillHomanRandall - Life as a Modern Dancer Blog

On this episode your co-host Martheya interviews Jill Homan Randall. On this episode, we go behind the screen of Jill’s career as a modern dancer discussing how to start a blog, her step-by-step process for creating content, tips and advice on how to ask for contributions, strategies for driving an audience to your platform, Artistic Director responsibilities for a non-profit organization, and how the power of social media lies in sharing.


[1:12] Martheya introduces Jill Homan Randall


[3:15]Martheya asks: “Can you briefly describe your career?”

[4:24]Martheya asks: “Why did you start your blog, Life as a Modern Dancer?”

[5:46]Martheya asks: “What were your views at the time of career as a professional modern dancer?”

[9:23]Martheya asks: “How do you come up with the different categories for your blog? How do you decide who you will write about?”

[11:36]Martheya asks: “Why do you use TypePad for your blog?”

[13:13]Martheya asks: “Can you break down your process for writing one blog post?”

[14:18]Martheya asks: “What does casting your net look like for finding guest writers for your blog?”

[17:30]Martheya asks: “How do you drive more people to read your blog? Do you have other strategies to get people to come to your blog?”

[20:02]Martheya asks: “Can you talk about your role at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center?”

[21:59]Martheya asks: “Can you talk to us about your role as Artistic Director?”

[24:02]Martheya asks: “Have you seen a shift in marketing for Shawl-Anderson Dance Center because of social media?”

[25:47]Martheya asks: “Do you think more people sign up for classes because of social media?”

[26:55]Martheya asks: “Can you share three tips for those pursuing a career as a modern dancer?”

[29:25]Martheya asks: “What do you think the influence of social media is on dance?”

[30:58] Martheya asks:

1- If you had to recommend a resource to our audience what would it be?

2- What was the first dance you saw?

  • Peter and the Wolf in PA “I was in love with dance from a very young age”

3- Do you think social media has a positive influence on the dance world (yes or no)?

  • Yes “I would say a strong YES”

4- What is your favorite social media platform?

  • Facebook

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