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51 Days in Quarantine by Danielle Georgiou

kNOwBOX dance Short Series 2020

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

51 Days in Quarantine by Danielle Georgiou

Dallas, Texas, USA

Documentation of my first 51 days in quarantine during COVID-19.

51Days in Quarantinewas selected as the #NBSS Visionary Award by kNOwBOX dance and guest judge Joy-Marie Thompson.

Dr. Danielle Georgiou is a first-generation Cypriot-American director, choreographer, and artist based in Dallas, TX. Her performance work examines puzzles found in gender and cultural identity—vulnerability, deformity, and beauty. Her work has shown in Texas, New York, California, Florida, Oregon, Germany and Scotland. She is the Artistic Director of the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, a dance theatre company focusing on devising and collaborative works. DGDG’s work has received national critical attention and is constantly looking forward to new boundary-breaking work. Danielle is the Program Coordinator of the Dance at Eastfield College and the Associate Artistic Director of Undermain Theatre.



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