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60+ Digital Dance Resources You Can Use Now

We @knowboxdance have organized resources to make your life easier when navigating dance in the digital space amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We did the work, so you don’t have to! In this article you will find our top ten resources under the categories: Artist Expression, Dance Science, Entertainment, Relief Funds, Self-Help, and Teaching Tools. ​

INDEX OF RESOURCE CATEGORIES ➡️Artistic Expression ➡️Dance Science ➡️Entertainment ➡️Relief Funds ➡️Self-Help ➡️Teaching Tools ​SOURCE TYPE KEY *Use the emojis to find content related to: 💃Classes and Workshops 🌐Digital Web Source/Apps 💸Financial Support 👥Membership/Coalitions/Groups/Organizations 🔊Podcast/Radio 📚Print: Books/Magazines/Journals 📲Social Media/Interactive 🎥TV/Streaming/Film/Video ​

Recommended Resources

➡️Artistic Expression: Choreography, Performance, Creativity #dancetutorial #onlinedanceclass #adigitaldance

  1. Dancing Alone Together: Online Class Listings & Creative Opportunities 💃🌐📲🎥

  2. Your Dance Classes On Demand: Online Class Listings 💃🌐📲🎥

  3. Dance Plug: Online Class Listings 💃🌐📲🎥

  4. Lazy Dancer Tips: Online Ballet & Fitness Classes 💃🌐🎥

  5. Mobile Dance Film Festival: Film Festival 🌐📲🎥

  6. The Social Distancing Festival: Film Festival & Live Streams 🌐📲🎥