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60+ Digital Dance Resources You Can Use Now

We @knowboxdance have organized resources to make your life easier when navigating dance in the digital space amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We did the work, so you don’t have to! In this article you will find our top ten resources under the categories: Artist Expression, Dance Science, Entertainment, Relief Funds, Self-Help, and Teaching Tools. ​

INDEX OF RESOURCE CATEGORIES ➡️Artistic Expression ➡️Dance Science ➡️Entertainment ➡️Relief Funds ➡️Self-Help ➡️Teaching Tools ​SOURCE TYPE KEY *Use the emojis to find content related to: 💃Classes and Workshops 🌐Digital Web Source/Apps 💸Financial Support 👥Membership/Coalitions/Groups/Organizations 🔊Podcast/Radio 📚Print: Books/Magazines/Journals 📲Social Media/Interactive 🎥TV/Streaming/Film/Video ​

Recommended Resources

➡️Artistic Expression: Choreography, Performance, Creativity #dancetutorial #onlinedanceclass #adigitaldance

  1. Dancing Alone Together: Online Class Listings & Creative Opportunities 💃🌐📲🎥

  2. Your Dance Classes On Demand: Online Class Listings 💃🌐📲🎥

  3. Dance Plug: Online Class Listings 💃🌐📲🎥

  4. Lazy Dancer Tips: Online Ballet & Fitness Classes 💃🌐🎥

  5. Mobile Dance Film Festival: Film Festival 🌐📲🎥

  6. The Social Distancing Festival: Film Festival & Live Streams 🌐📲🎥

  7. SoundFORMovement: Free Audio Library 🌐💸

  8. NACHMO: Choreographic Prompts 🌐📲

➡️Dance Science: Somatics, Health, Wellness #dancewellness #healthydancer #movementismedicine

NB Dance Bonus Dance Behind the Screen Podcast: Check out the #dancebehindthescreen dance science episodes 🌐🔊📲 ➡️Entertainment: Production, Cultural Events, Industry #dancemoves #danceathome #danceindustry

  1. Google Arts and Culture: Online Interactive Tool Arts & Culture 🌐📚📲🎥

  2. Marquee TV: Streaming Platform for Dance and Theatre Arts 🌐👥🎥

  3. Sky Arts: 24 hour Arts Programing 🌐🎥

  4. Nowness: Streaming Platform for Art & Design, Culture, Fashion & Beauty, Music, Food & Travel 🌐🎥

  5. HomotopiaTV: LGBTQIA+ Streaming Platform 🌐🎥

  6. Arirang K-POP TV: Korean Arts & Culture Streaming Platform 🌐🔊📲🎥

  7. On The Boards TV: Streaming Platform for Dance 🌐👥🎥

  8. Dance Channel TV: Online Media Network 🌐🎥

  9. VIDEODANÇA+: Film and Dance Vimeo Channel 🌐🎥

  10. Jacob's Pillow: Dance Interactive Database 🌐📚🎥

NB Dance Bonus kNOwBOX dance Film Festival: Rent #NBFF OnDemand & watch #dancefilms from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, South Korea, and the USA. 🌐🎥 ➡️Relief Funds #artistssupportingartists #artistgrants #supportartists

  1. Americans For the Arts: Individual Relief Funds & Resources 🌐💸

  2. 50ArtsFund Resources: List for Financial Resources 🌐💸

  3. Dance USA: Links for National (USA) Financial Resources 🌐💸

  4. BOOOOOOOM: Crisis Resources for Creatives 🌐💸

  5. Freelance Artist Resource: Financial Relief - Artists of all Disciplines 🌐💸

  6. Dance/NYC: Financial Relief - Freelance Dance Workers 🌐💸

  7. Artist Support Pledge: Sell Art on Instagram - Visual Artists 🌐💸📲

  8. Funders for LGBTQ Issues: Financial Relief - LGBTQIA+ 🌐💸

  9. Dance Magazine Article: Resources the Dance World Can Use to Deal With Coronavirus 🌐💸📚

NB Dance Bonus Artist Relief Tree: Fund created to support artists affected by COVID-19 🌐💸 * Money made from the rental fees of kNOwBOX Film Festival will cover the streaming cost for Vimeo On Demand, publicity, and additional proceeds will be donated to the Artist Relief Tree. ➡️Self-Help: Practical Advice, Leadership, Interpersonal #bodypositivemovement #dancecommunity #marketingforartists

  1. Dance Data Project: Equity in Ballet - Data & Resources 🌐📚

  2. Open Space: Video Series - IABD & KMP Artists 🌐📲🎥

  3. Coalition of Diasporan Scholars Moving: Facebook Group - Diasporan Scholars 🌐👥📲

  4. Capacity Interactive: CI to Eye Podcast 🌐🔊

  5. The Creative Pep Talk Podcast: Podcast for Inspiring Creatives 🌐🔊

  6. The Energy Bus: Adversity & Leadership Roadmap 📚

  7. The Artist's Way: Creative Workbook 📚

  8. The Creative Habit: Creative Workbook 📚

  9. Skillshare: Online Learning Platform 💃🌐👥📲🎥

NB Dance Bonus #NBDanceResource: Weekly Resources for Creatives 💃🌐💸👥🔊📚📲🎥 ➡️Teaching Tools: K-12, Higher Ed, Studios, Community Centers #danceteacher #danceeducator #danceeducation

  1. Dance Studies Association: Moving Pedagogy Online Resource 🌐👥📚

  2. ARTSEDGE: Dance Resources - Collections, Lesson plans, Articles, & More. 🌐👥📚🎥

  3. National Dance Education Organization: Webinar Series - Teaching Dance Online 💃🌐👥📚🎥

  4. Five College Dance: Resources for Distance Learning 🌐📚

  5. MoBBallet: Blacks in Ballet Timeline 🌐📚

  6. Synchronous Objects: One Flat Thing, Reproduced - Visualizing Choreographic Structure 🌐📚📲🎥

  7. Pilobolus: You Dance We Dance - Digital Movement Prompts 💃🌐📲🎥

  8. ChoreoRoom: Dance Formations Editor App 🌐📲

  9. Making Solo Performance: Interviews with Recognized Solo Performers 📚

NB Dance Bonus DBS Mini-Series: Free COVID-19 related interviews available on YouTube with Jill Homan Randall of Life As a Modern Dancer Blog, Liz Lerman, and Olivia Mode-Cater of Dance ED Tips. 🌐📲🎥​ Email us to request a PDF of the article. You can find @knowboxdance on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and hear us on #DanceBehindtheScreen Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Connect with us and be a part of our online digital dance community!

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