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60 | #MovingHistory/DancingCultures -​ Ann Cooper Albright & Ann Dils

On our fourth episode of Dance History month, your co-hosts Martheya and Reyna interview Ann Cooper Albright and Ann Dils, co-editors of Moving History/Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader. In this episode, we go behind the screen and talk about why and how they co-edited Moving History/Dancing Cultures, nurturing friendships and scholarly networks, how they define dance history now, their National Endowment for the Arts-funded digital collection, Accelerated Motion: Towards a New Dance Literacy, and advice for emerging authors and artists.


[0:28] Martheya and Reyna introduce Ann Cooper Albright and Ann Dils


[4:46] Reyna asks: “Can you tell us about who you are? And your passion for dance history?”

[9:31] Martheya asks: “Can you talk about how you nurture those relationships?”

[12:02] Reyna asks: “How are you rekindling those relationships now during COVID?”

[15:57] Martheya asks: “Why did you create ‘Moving History/Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader’? What was missing in undergraduate dance history courses?”

[25:20] Martheya asks: “Can you flesh out the editing process? What was your communication like back and forth?”

[29:54] Martheya asks: “Is there anything you regret looking back? Or something you would add in?”

[37:10] Martheya asks: “Can you talk about that (NEH project or an NEA project)?”

[39:29] Martheya asks: “What advice do you have for emerging authors or editors?”

[47:06] Martheya asks: “In ‘First Steps: Moving into the Study of Dance History’ you both describe looking at dance history as an “Evolving discussion about the past that can take on many shapes”, how do you define dance history now?”

[50:18] Martheya asks: “What advice do you have for our listeners who want to research dance history via social media?”

[55:28] Reyna asks: “Is there anything else you didn’t mention you want to share with our listeners?”

[1:00:02] Martheya asks: “How do you say NO to the BOX?”


[57:08] Reyna asks:

Ann Cooper Albright