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77 | Sky’s the Limit: Aerial and Pole Dance with Twisted Bodies

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

On this episode, check in with the team as we celebrate Women’s History Month and interview Twisted Bodies Studio. Co-hosts Martheya and Azaria go behind the screen with Khristen and Carissa of Twisted Bodies Studio to discuss the benefits of aerial dance, breaking the stigma of pole dance and other aerial forms, inclusivity in the studio, and how to find the right aerial studio for you. (58:37)


[1:02] The Team says welcome back and introduces Women’s History Month and Twisted Bodies!


[4:36] Topic: What is Aerial Dance?

  • [4:36] Martheya asks: “What is aerial dance?”

  • [5:52] Martheya asks: “Can you speak more about the apparatus' you mentioned? Could you differentiate these for us?”

  • [9:35] Azaria asks for clarification on the hammock and silks.

  • [10:45] Azaria asks “How did you two come together to make or form Twisted Bodies?”

[10:45] Topic: Sister Romance

  • [10:45] Azaria asks: “How did you two come together to make or form Twisted Bodies?”

  • [17:06] Azaria asks about how Kristen experience of just deciding to want to teach pole dance?

  • [19:34] Azaria asks: “Where are the other elements of aerial the twisted body name coming from? When did you realize you were twisted bodies?”

[20:27] Aerial Dance Saves the Aging Dancers Body

  • [20:27] Martheya asks: “How does aerial dance save the aging dancers body?”

  • [23:06] Martheya asks: “Would you say it’s mainly this gravity defying factor, similar to swimming?”

  • [24:19] Martheya asks: “Do you think it also has to do with the mental connection to perhaps exploring something new, or you more interested in the physical practice of how it might save the aging dancers body?”

  • [32:36] Martheya asks: “Where would you have [a beginner] begin and how can they get started?”

[33:50] Breaking the Stigma

  • [33:50] Azaria asks: “How have you seen the stigma changing? What would you say to the people who are hesitant because of the stigma?”

  • [38:15] Martheya asks: “I wonder if you all could talk about representation and gender when it comes to aerial dance and your experiences?”

  • [41:06] Martheya asks: “As business owners can you talk about how you have nurtured that environment in those spaces, especially when it does have to do with the body? How do you both think about fostering this space for people to feel comfortable?”