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Dance Film Resource List Nov 2020

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Dance Films Association is the catalyst for the production, presentation, and preservation of dance on camera.

On this site...

​Find resources dedicated to helping choreographers and dance makers enter and be successful in the world of dance film. Find festivals, programs, events, and membership.

In Perpetual Motion, Harmony Bench argues that dance is a vital part of civil society and a means for building participation and community. She looks at how, after 9/11, it became a crucial way of recuperating the common character of public spaces. She explores how crowdsourcing dance contributes to the project of performing a common world, as well as the social relationships forged when we look at dance as a gift in the era of globalization. Throughout, she asks how dance brings people together in digital spaces and what dance’s digital travels might mean for how we experience and express community.

In this book...

Read about dance, community, public and digital space intersect.

3. by Simon Fildes

Design Your Dance on Screen: a creative facilitation course to help film makers and dance makers collaborate successfully.

On this site...

Learn to make your own dance films through online courses both free and paid.

4. International Screen Dance Calendar

The International Screen Dance Calendar combines screen dance and dance film related events and opportunities from around the world.Add your own event or find dance film opportunities globally.

This calendar compiles screendance / dance film related events and opportunities from around the world. You can subscribe to the calendar via your phone / device, just click on the blue "+" in the bottom right corner. The calendar is not exhaustive, and we need your help to keep it up to date! If you have an event or opportunity to add, please use this form. Please be aware that time zones may not display accurately for your region. The calendar was initiated by Simon Fildes and is maintained by a group of screendance practitioners on a voluntary basis. Current custodians of the calendar include Simon Fildes, Clare Schweitzer, Andrew Chapman, Michelle Bernier and Gitta Wigro.

Patrons will purchase virtual tickets for streaming. Tickets for each performance are limited! Consider each viewing opportunity as a performance that begins at the published time. Videos must be accessed within 30 minutes of the start times for each show. In addition to the streamed performance, viewers will be provided with a digital version of a traditional performance program.


On this site...

​Find out more about the Danielle Georgiou dance group or (DGDG). Look for upcoming performances as well as video archives of their work


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