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Dance History Resource List Feb 2019

Resource: Dancers as Diplomats: American Choreography in Cultural Exchange

Creator: Clare Croft

Comment: Dancers as Diplomats chronicles the role of dance and dancers in American cultural diplomacy.

Resource: Looking at Contemporary Dance: A Guide for the Internet Age

Creator: Marc Raymond Strauss, Myron Howard Nadel

Description: With a focus on dance innovation from the late 19th century to the present, this history provides dance students with accessible information on the major contributors to the art. Organized chronologically by the decades in which innovators were born or dance organizations were founded, the study shows the similarities and generational character that arise from shared influence.

Resource: New German Dance Studies

Creator: Susan Manning, Lucia Ruprecht

Description: In an exquisite trans-Atlantic dialogue that demonstrates the complexity and multilayered history of German dance, American and European scholars and artists elaborate on definitive performers and choreography, focusing on three major thematic areas: Weimar culture and its afterlife, the German Democratic Republic, and recent conceptual trends in theater dance.

Resource: Judson Dance Theater: The Work is Never Done

Creator: Ana Janevski, Thomas J. Lax

Description: Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done highlights the workshop's ongoing significance. The catalog charts the development of Judson, beginning with the workshops and classes led by Anna Halprin, Robert Ellis Dunn and James Waring, and exploring the influence of other figures working downtown such as Simone Forti and Andy Warhol, as well as venues for collective action like Judson Gallery and the Living Theatre. Lushly illustrated with film stills, photographic documentation, reproductions of sculptural objects, scores, music, poetry, architectural drawings and archival material, the publication celebrates the group's multidisciplinary and collaborative ethos as well as the range of its participants.

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