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Dance Warm-Up Resource List July 2019

Resource: The Best Way to Warm Up Before Dance Class

Creator: Radio City Rockettes

Description: Why is it important to warm up before a dance class? What are some exercises to help prepare you for class? Learn the answers from reading this post from the Radio City Rockettes!

Resource: Lazy Dancer Tips

Creator: Alessia Lugoboni

Description: Do you need free exercise videos? This YouTube channel shares exercises for warming up, toning, stretching and more from a professionally trained dancer. There is a free downloadable guide on their website!

Resource: Discount Dance’s blog, Dance Life: Real Dancer’s. Real Stories.

Creator: Juliet Doherty

Description: Learn how Juliet Doherty, YAGP Junior Women's Division gold medalist, warms up before dance class each day.

Resource: Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery

Creator: Eric Franklin

Description: Franklin shows you how to use imagery, touch, and movement exercises to improve your coordination and alignment. These exercises will also help you relieve tension, enhance the health of your spine and back, and prevent back injury.

Resource: Boho Beautiful

Creator: Juliana and Mark

Description: Summer is here! Boho Beautiful provides a great resources about yoga and fitness videos with peaceful nature background and great instructions. You can also see Juliana and Mark’s travel and vegan food story. Through #ProjectInspire, you can share your story about how your life has been changed with Boho Beautiful inspiration.

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