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Dysmorphia by Leah Flores

kNOwBOX dance Short Series 2020

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

Dysmorphia by Leah Flores

Denton, Texas, USA

You can call yourself pretty all you want but, if you never believe it, you’ll never get any better.

I am a choreographer, dancer & performer from Arlington. TX. I just received my BA in Dance Studies from Texas Woman’s University. I have been choreographing professionally for 5 years and have had my work shown all over Texas and the DFW area. My passionate work has a driving force from real experiences and events- with heavy influence on inner personal struggles. While utilizing interesting textures and diverse musicality, I achieve healing through movement. I have a drive to move, grow, and perform that only flourishes with each new experience.




IG: @missleahbelle

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