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Episode 115 | Environment and Dance Film: Choreomundus Dance Film Festival

In this episode kNOwBOX dance Ambassador Sumedha Bhattacharyya takes over the mic and talks about Environment and Dance Film with filmmakers from the Choreomundus Dance Film Festival. (33:50)


[0:13] The Team says welcome back and welcomes kNOwBOX dance Ambassador Sumedha Bhattacharyya to the mic.

This conversation was recorded LIVE as a part of The kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022: Dancing Around the World Virtual Fest.

kNOwBOX dance X CDFF

[2:16] Topic: The Meaning of Environment

  • [2:44] The meaning of Environment in Spanish

[8:40] Topic: Dance Films as an Environment for Exploration

  • [9:03] Sumedha asks: “How did you think about how dance films could become and environment in itself for an experiment to happen?”

  • [14:03] Sumedha asks: “Can you share some examples of how you worked with people and the environment?”

  • [22:05] The value of Environment and Dance in Indonesia

[25:23] Topic: Questions from the Live Audience

  • [25:23] Martheya asks: “What was your approach for curating (CDFF) thinking about dance and environment?”

  • [26:16] Beatriz Herrera (CDFF committee) asks: “What is so special about making dance films?”

  • [29:27] Pamela Santana (CDFF committee) asks: “How did reflecting on embodying diversity (inform) your films?”

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