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Episode 133 | Dance Goes Viral: Andrew Chapman, Mobile Dance Film Association

Andrew Chapman, Founder and Director of the Mobile Dance Film Association, joins Martheya to talk about Dance Going Viral. They discuss the future of making with mobile devices, solo filmmaking, and must watch popular movies with dance scenes. (38:09) 


[0:12] Martheya says welcome back 


[0:52] Topic: The Future of Technology  

  • [1:33] Martheya asks: “What are your predictions for the future of mobile devices and smartphones and dance films?”

  • [3:21] Martheya asks: “I'm curious about your thoughts on how your festival might evolve with the times?”

  • [8:33] Martheya asks: “Who (or what) do you look to as, a desirable art experience that you would want to have at your festival?”

[10:55] Topic: Solo Filmmaking

  • [10:56] Martheya asks: “Do you see any correlation between viral dance videos on social media and then the films that you actually select for the Mobile Dance Film Festival?”

  • [12:55] Martheya asks: “Do you find that you're receiving submissions from some of these TikTok stars or people whose videos are going viral? Are they submitting to your festival?”

[20:25] Topic: Popular Dance on Screen Moments 

  • [20:25] Martheya asks: “Maybe you can talk about what is like the through line in those three films that  Like you're so attracted to and how they're depicting dance on screen?” 

  • [23:53] Martheya asks: “I'm wondering if there's a feature film that's shot solely on a mobile device that you think everyone should?”

Recommended Resources:

Connect with Andrew Chapman & Mobile Dance Film Association

Andrew is the Founder and Director of the Mobile Dance Film Association – MDFA. As Director of the MDFA, Andrew oversees the Mobile Dance Film Festival – the first film festival to screen dance film shot solely on mobile devices. Through the MDFA, Andrew consults nationwide on the education and production of dance filmmaking - recently, as Executive Producer of the Dancing out of Time Environmental Dance Film Festival in partnership with NWD Projects and Miami Jackson Senior High School of Miami, FL. Currently, Andrew is leading a Dance Film course for undergraduate dance majors at Boston Conservatory | Berklee College for their Spring semester.


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