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Episode 135 | Dance & the Digital Arts: Jean-Marc Matos, K. Danse Company

Jean-Marc Matos, Artistic Director of K. Danse Company, joins Martheya to talk about Mixing Contemporary Dance & Digital Arts. They discuss pluridisciplinary collaborations, considering your audience, and the future of dance in the digital landscape. (37:05)


[0:12] Martheya says welcome back 


[1:12] Topic: Pluridisciplinary Collaborations

  • [1:12] Martheya asks: “Can you share what pluridisciplinary means to you?”

  • [3:35] Martheya asks: “Why the digital space? Why are you interested in working with those digital collaborations?”

[5:37] Topic: Considering Your Audience  

  • [5:37] Martheya asks: “Could you talk to us about maybe your favorite project where you feel like you've successfully reincarnated the body?”

  • [8:44] Martheya asks: “How do you think about the audience when making your work?”

  • [11:43] Martheya asks: “I'm wondering…your thoughts on that and how maybe you're talking with your collaborators about, some of these like bigger issues and how do we stay true to ourselves as artists while also trying to, create safe places for audiences to come and enjoy themselves, feel connected to the art to take a step out of Netflix  and coming to a live performance?”

[13:48] Topic: Social Media & AI

  • [13:48] Martheya asks: “Have you seen a shift in how you're creating work with the influence of social media?” 

  • [16:55] Martheya asks: “What are your predictions for, different technological platforms or tools,  and how do you think, what will be developed and how will those influence?”

  • [20:40] Martheya asks: “What are some ways that you are already in dialogue with AI?”

  • [25:16] Martheya asks: “Why do you think dance,  I don't know if I want to say needs to or can exist in the digital landscape?”

  • [30:48] Martheya asks: “How do you say no to the box?” 

[33:07] Martheya asks:  

1- If you had to recommend a resource to our audience what would it be?

[33:37] Martheya asks:  

2- What was the first dance you saw?

  • Spaces by Merce Cunningham 

[33:49] Martheya asks:  

3- Do you think social media has a positive influence on the dance world (yes or no)? 

  • Yes

[33:58] Martheya asks:  

4- What is your favorite social media platform?

  • LinkedIn

Recommended Resources:

Connect with K.Danse

Instagram: @ciek.danse

Facebook: /kdansematos

YouTube: @kdmatos

Born in Bogota, he's lived in eight countries and now resides in Toulouse. Trained in modern and postmodern dance in New York, he creates hybrid choreographic projects and engages in mediation activities. Winner of Eurorégion Pyrénées Méditerranée in 2021 and 2023, and AAP "Connected Cultures" from Drac and Nouvelle Aquitaine Region in 2022-2023. He's crafted nearly fifty choreographies showcased in France and globally, partnering in European projects like Metabody, WholoDance, Bodynet-Khoros 2022-2025.


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