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Episode 90 | Selecting Spaces for Dance Film w/ Simona Dabija

On this episode, Dance Behind the Screen podcast co-host Reyna interviews filmmaker Simona Dabija about her dance film “OPIA”. This film was awarded the #NBFFAttentionGrabber by the audience in Oaxaca, México during the NBFF 2020 On Tour. Simona shares her background with dance and film as an independent artist, the making of her film OPIA, and the importance of selecting a site for a dance film. Enjoy this episode that talks about creative inspiration, venues, and producing a dance film. (1:00:52)


[1:34] Martheya says welcome back and introduces Simona Dabija. Simona was the #NBFF AttentionGrabber by the audience in Oaxaca, México during NBFF 2020.

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[3:51] Topic: Getting To Know Simona

  • [3:51] Reyna asks: “Could you tell our audience a little bit about who you are and your relationship to dance and film?”

  • [7:29] Reyna asks: “Can you talk about what it’s like to work as an independent artist where you are at (Bucharest)?”

[8:37] Topic: The Making of the Dance Film “OPIA”

  • [8:37] Reyna asks: “It was exciting to see your work being presented at the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival in 2020. The viewers and I were able to witness OPIA (a short dance film about living in a space guided by its own rules. It’s a utopian place where the dancers are behaving and moving based on inspirational life quotes.) Could you tell us what the production process looked like for your short film “OPIA”?”

  • [14:10] Reyna asks: “You mentioned that everyone was doing multiple jobs. Can you talk a little bit about what it was like to be inside the film?”

  • [16:42] Reyna asks: “I’m curious about these life quotes. What inspired you to choose them?”

  • [20:20] Reyna asks: “How was that practice when you were working with the other dancers?”