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OPIA by Simona Dabija

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

OPIA by Simona Dabija


Bucharest, Romania

“Opia” is a short dance film about living in a space guided by its own rules. It’s a utopian place where the dancers are behaving and moving based on inspirational life quotes.

*Contains partial nudity.

I am choreographer and dancer based in Bucharest. I`ve obtained my bachelor and master degree in choreography at the National University of Cinematography and Theatre in Bucharest.

I perform as a dancer in Tangaj Dance Collective in four dance performances: ”Daughters”, ” Birdville”, ”0003_Aftertaste” and ”Counterbody”, a performative durational installation ” Retro Walk Decades to the Sun” and a short dance film : ”Sonder". I am interested in the deconstruction of the movement, in body dynamics (inspired from film and sound editing.



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