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Fashion in Screendance - Creating Strong Characters through Styling in 'In Her Skin'

Created by Kosta Karakashyan (kNOwBOX dance Ambassador)

June 2, 2022, Sofia, Bulgaria

When looking at a person moving through space, it is difficult to tease out where the dance ends and the dancer begins. Our eye takes in the physical expression holistically, blurring the edges between the performer, the choreography, and, in the case of screendance, the visual language of film.

Photo by Gabriela Ilieva

With film, we have the ability to leverage a big range of effects to construct a convincing universe. Thanks to proper casting, costume design, makeup, lighting, set design and the flexibility of the camera lens, we are able to spin a detailed tale of who we are looking at and what they want. The intimacy afforded by close-up shots allows us to tell an evocative story about a character through the visual, from the way their earrings dangle to how put together their makeup is or what the color of their nail polish signifies. In film and in screendance, the visual language of costume design is a key element of the storytelling that we shouldn’t ignore.

Polaroids by Kosta Karakash