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float by Timmi Kwaku Davis

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

float by Timmi Kwaku Davis


Berlin, Germany

float is an on going project hat combines artistic athletics with profound scientific expertise.

The director Timmi Kwaku Davis, born in Hamburg on April 7th 1982, began his career as a cutter at Fuffiefilm Productions. At first it was music videos and documentary films in and about the german music scene, then through various internships at tv programs and media agencies he started to develop his own projects. His passion for music and dance ultimately led him to dance films. float is the first in a series of dance films.



NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program B, Kids

float was selected for screening in the kNOwBOX dance Summer Short Series 2021 and the NBFF 2021 Festival.

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