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Pride Resource List June 2020

Resource: Homotopia TV Creator: Liverpool City Council Grant Description: The UK’s longest running LQBTQIA arts and culture festival offers a TV video Archive.

Resource: Queer Dance

Creator: Clare Croft

Description: Queer Dance brings together artists and scholars in a multi-platformed project-book, accompanying website, and live performance series to ask, "How does dancing queerly progressively challenge us?" The artists and scholars whose writing appears in the book and whose performances and filmed interviews appear online stage a range of genders and sexualities that challenge and destabilize social norms.

Resource: The Bodies of Others: Drag Dances and Their Afterlives

(Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theater/Drama/Performance)

Creator: Selby Wynn Schwartz

Description: The Bodies of Others explores the politics of gender in motion. From drag ballerinas to faux queens, and from butoh divas to the club mothers of modern dance, the book delves into four decades of drag dances on American stages. Drag dances take us beyond glittery one-liners and into the spaces between gender norms. In these backstage histories, dancers give their bodies over to other selves, opening up the category of realness. The book maps out a drag politics of embodiment, connecting drag dances to queer hope, memory, and mourning.

Resource: Queer | Art

Creator: Ira Sachs

Description: By fostering the confident expression of LGBTQ+ artists’ perspectives, stories, and identities, Queer|Art amplifies the voice of a population that has been historically suppressed, disenfranchised, and often overlooked by traditional institutional and economic support systems.

Resource: Circo Zero

Creator: Keith Hennessy

Description: Instigated by Keith Hennessy in 2001, Circo Zero makes live performances responding to political crises, while centering queer bodies and ideas. Producing in San Francisco and the broader Bay Area since the mid-1980s, our performances are interdisciplinary and experimental, motivated by anti-racist and decolonial practices. Hennessy is an internationally recognized teacher, performer, and innovator of queer performance.

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