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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022

Official Selection Film Spotlight


00:02:35 / Barcelona, Spain

“Saphi” is an adventure to our origins, back to our roots and the deepest of our essence. A journey which connects our inner selves through nature and the world around us.

How do you think your film relates to the NBFF 2022 Theme 'Dancing Around the World'?

“Saphi” is a quechua word, (first nations of Peru and Bolivia), which means roots, origin. This project intention is to transmit the magnitude of connecting with ourselves, to getting back to our Origin. The purpose is to show the bond with nature through the idea of dance.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

We wanted to show the freedom and the strength we feel when we’re on peace with ourselves. Pushing us to willing to know who and where, even though we pushed us to get out of our comfort zone.

To transmit clearly our idea, we structured the film in different phases, mixing locations, costumes and dance, pursuing the feeling of being more free and fluid as soon as we’re connecting to the environment, being part of the same element. Because after all, every part of us is a part of nature. With the camera we want to express the relationship between the dancer and her surroundings, being the camera point of view the call of nature whispering, seeking for the main character ending up dancing with her. To do so, the film is divided into different emotional stages: fear, inner fights, letting things go and liberation. However, without forgetting about improvisation due the importance it has for us the connection between the dancer and the camera. The film was shot in a single day of filming in Spain, in a location that provided us with a great variety of spaces and contrasts, trying to capture the beauty of the different moments of natural light. All this concepts are willing to express the values of Maragua Studio, the clothing brand behind this project. A very personal one where the designer gives very attention to craftsmanship and sustainability, inspired by the fabrics, culture and Bolivian nature. Paula Losada, has been the dancer and the main character which helped us to create this world and she gave us all her energy and passion, giving the motion to our idea. She just released in Málaga Film Festival her latest movie called “Dancing on glass” produced by Netflix along side María Pedraza.

J. Cano Larumbe studied filmmaking at ESCAC, where he graduated after specializing in Film Directing. It was there that he made his short film "Interferencias". When his father took him to the movies for the first time, he recalls that he spent the whole film watching how the beam of light that crossed the room moved until it was projected on the screen. Since then, his gaze continues to be that of a child living between reality and fantasy. His work has been selected in international festivals such as La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (USA), the Berlin Commercial (Germany) and the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival (South Africa) among others. He is currently represented by the production companies Mamma Team, CRACK (LATAM) and whitemoose, while collaborating with director Claudia Llosa. He combines his work in advertising with writing his first fiction feature film while working on his next two short films with Forty Entertainment.

Director - Javier Cano Larumbe

Writer - Javier Cano Larumbe

Producer - Martí Font

Producer - Cristina Herrera

Producer - Alejandra Zilvetti

Producer - Javier Cano Larumbe Choreography - Laura Castells

Director of Photography - Paula Jordan Stylist & Fashion Designer - Alejandra Zilvetti

Editor - Judith Miralles Ruich

Sound Designer - Roger Navarro

Music Composer - Bernardo Castro

Music Mixer - Jorge Sapién

Musicians - Ro Rowan

Musicians - Lelie Cristea

Color Grading - Dani Granado

Graphic Designer - Gorka Plans

Dancer - Paula Losada



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