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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022

Official Selection Film Spotlight


00:01:13 / Rome, Italy

A film in which there is a continuous interplay between the body, the camera and the music: who is the conductor of these instruments?

How do you think your film relates to the NBFF 2022 Theme 'Dancing Around the World'?

SHIFTING TOOLS relates to this theme primarily because it is entirely danced, related to the concept of dance in a pure sense. From the point of view of filming, we used in the second part of the film, a camera that rotates from above, filming every angle of the dancing body. The camera dances, rotating along with the dancer.

What do you hope to communicate with our audience through your work?

The complexity of the dancing body from a cinematic point of view

Francesca Santamaria had an academic education at Balletto di Roma and at the same time she did workshops with several european institutions. Soon after she joined the Milano Contemporary Ballet, where she danced repertoire of Wayne McGregor an other coreographic creations. In 2018 she danced at the Venice Biennale College, bringing on stage pieces by M. Chouinard and D. Ashbee. In 2019 she became a dancer of CZD2- Giovane Compagnia Zappalà Danza, dancing pieces of Zappalà, Ben-Tal, Ostrushnjak and Perego. In 2020 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in "Theatrical studies" at La Sapienza, and currently attends the Master’s Degree course in "Scriptures and Productions for Theatre and Media" in the same University. In 2021 she start a personal research work with the support of TRAC.

Mattia Cursi is a photographer, director of photography and director. He graduated in 2019 in "Videomaking for cinema, TV and Web" at ITS Roberto Rossellini. He works as a director of photography and camera operator in independent short films and music videos, also taking care of their editing.

Director Mattia Cursi

Choreographer and Dancer Francesca Santamaria

Concept by Francesca Santamaria

Music by Juan Claudio Averoff Rico Assistant Director Ludovico Pascoli



IG: @fra.santamaria / @matt_evergreen / @rimangoramingo

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