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Somatics Resource List Dec 2019

Resource: Dancers Who Lift

Creator: Amber Tracy

Description: This is the place for individuals who realize that being a professional dancer means training like a professional athlete. Dancers Who Lift has a coaching program and a blog.

Resource: Mindful Movement- The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action

Creator: Martha Eddy

Description: Mindful Movement unpacks and helps to popularize awareness of both the body and the mind.

Resource: Dance Science Approved

Creator: Kaliopi Movement Collective

Description: This blog covers dance science approved practices, information over the anatomy and physiology pertaining to dancers, research, injury prevention tips, nutrition, analysis of certain movements, fascia, neuroplasticity, development, teaching kids dance science and much more!

Resource: Embodied Philosophy

Creator: Embodied Philosophy

Description: On this website, you can register for on-line embodied philosophy classes, find diverse articles (daily practices that help levels of creativity, happiness, health increase), listen to over 99 different podcasts (healing, yoga, anxiety, depression, stress and moral malaise, anatomy), and watch videos (mind body therapy, hinduism, discourse, and contemplative science). You can also submit your religious/spiritual practices and related articles for their online educational platform (Monthly on-line journal). This on-line resource will empower your mentally and physically!

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