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Tres de Té

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

Tres de Té by Natalia Quezada Shrimpton (Director), Wilber Mendoza (Camera),

César Aragón and Harumi Gallardo (Choreography),

Diana Morales (Editor), Harumi Gallardo, Diana Morales, César Aragón (Performers), and Proyecto Segundo Piso and Coctelito de Videodanza (Co Producers)


Puebla, Mexico

Through a white and endless blank space, the emptiness invites us to play by taking tea consumption to an altered state of mind. The characters are guided by their inner impulses and by the minimalistic space around them.

Coctelito de Videodanzaformally arose in 2015, through the need to create new spaces and interdisciplinary scenic proposals representative of the city of Puebla. Since 2012, the company has collaborated on multiple occasions in projects and choreographic works with other scenic artists, without enjoying a formal space or having any governmental or institutional resource. We are united by complicity, mutual inspiration and trust as creators of scenic proposals.

Natalia Quezada Shrimpton:

Movement and hybrid media artist. Graduated from the Bachelor of Dance from the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (2020). Her artistic work focuses on improvisation practices, as well as in the constant exploration of the body in interaction with the immediate space, through stage and hybrid productions for the camera. She shares conscious movement workshops for women and improvisation workshops for groups of different ages and experiences, in a virtual way.

Currently, she is an active member of the companies Proyecto: Segundo Piso and Co-director of Coctelito de Videodanza.



NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program C

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