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Women In Dance Resource List March 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Resource: Dance Data Project

Creator: Elizabeth 'Liza' Yntema

Description: To promote equity in all aspects of classical ballet by providing a metrics based analysis through our data base while showcasing women led companies, festivals, competitions, venues, special programs and initiatives. We focus on artists of merit: choreographers, photographers, lighting, costume, set designers, and commissioned composers.

Resource: Babylon Girls: Black Women Performers and the Shaping of the Modern

Creator: Jayna Brown

Description: Babylon Girls is a groundbreaking cultural history of the African American women who performed in variety shows—chorus lines, burlesque revues, cabaret acts, and the like—between 1890 and 1945. Through a consideration of the gestures, costuming, vocal techniques, and stagecraft developed by African American singers and dancers, Jayna Brown explains how these women shaped the movement and style of an emerging urban popular culture.

Resource: Dancing on the Earth: Women's Stories of Healing and Dance

Creator: Johanna Leseho and Sandra McMaster

Description: This book is about healing through connection and reconnection with our bodies. I t is about the power of dance…. Contributors to this book come from around the globe, brining with them different languages, experiences, training, and world-views. Each of the authors offers both a different form of dance as well as a different perspective on movement and its relationship to healing.

Resource: Serpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World

Creator: Wendy Buonaventura

Description: "I think it is the most eloquent of female dances, with is haunting lyricism, its fire, its endlessly shifting kaleidoscope of sensual movement." With these words, Wendy Buonaventura explains her own fascination with Arabic dance and gives the reader a thorough understanding of the origins, history and development of this ancient art, which has survived in the face of commercialism, religious disapproval, and changing times." - Book Description

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