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X Fastidiosa by Tizo All & Marc Philipp Gabriel

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

X Fastidiosa by Tizo All & Marc Philipp Gabriel


Berlin, Germany

In the pandemic-stricken olive groves of Puglia, Southern Italy, two human bodies emerge from the trees for a dance of death.

Both performance artists Tizo All and Marc Philipp Gabriel come from the humanities: social science and architecture. They create scenographies with the body occupying space, establishing dramaturgies of interactions with other elements like video and audience. Together they have cinematographically explored the merging of physical body and context in the short films SALTO (PT 2020) and X Fastidiosa (IT 2020). Their performance work offers unconventional angles on social justice, focusing on engaged art, public sphere & awareness.



NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program B

X Fastidiosa was selected for screening in the kNOwBOX dance Summer Short Series 2021 and the NBFF 2021 Festival.

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