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Stop Human Trafficking by Stella Koulouvardi

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

Stop Human Trafficking by Stella Koulouvardi


Athens, Greece

Body stillness , robotic movements and cold mime gestures express the darkness existing in human trafficking.

Stella was born in Athens ,Greece. She has studied Psychology and started dancing at the age of 17. She started studying Pantodance and Mimodrame but she found her expression in Street Dance and especially Popping.An art form that gave her the inspiration of creating short films with robotic body language in front of the camera. She is a Street Dance Artist participating in many International Festivals and Competitions and has represented her country at Street Fighters World Tour with Funky Habits, as well as in BOTY International with Waveomatics.She has also a lot of discriminations ,has performed in theatre and festivals,teaches Popping for many years and the last years is creating her newest works in Street dance Theatre and cinematography.



IG: @poppinbutterfly

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