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The Kitchen

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Filmmaker Spotlight

The Kitchen by Vishwakiran Nambi


Bangalore, India

The Kitchen is a dance short film that explores the traditional roles assigned to women in a patriarchal society which finds expression in the complexity of the relationship she shares with the place where she prepares food for her family.

Vishwakiran Nambi is a Performer, Choreographer, Dance film-maker and Dance academic. He is the Founder and Director of LOKA Studio for Movement Practices and Vishwakiran Nambi Dance Company. His training is diverse ranging from Indian classical forms to Indian folk and martial dance forms. His vision is to explore the possibilities in Indian dance particularly within the vast folk landscape. His creations are mostly experiences of regional authenticities and existential peculiarities. He is also foraying into the world of dance film-making to take the art form and his stories to audiences across several mediums and demographies.




NBFF Screening: Outside of the Box: Program B, Korea Weekend Special

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